The Orthodoxy of Bulgaira

The Orthodoxy of Bulgaria, which is the most prominent religion in the country, is to all intents and purposes Eastern Orthodoxy, which is also present in many other countries in the region. Here we will briefly look at the history of Bulgaria’s main, longest lasting religion and how it came to be (9)

The official name of the religion is the Orthodox Catholic Church, therefore it can be considered to be Catholic, though there are some small differences with the official Roman Catholic religion. The religion considers that it is indeed both Catholic and Orthodox. Orthodoxy can roughly be described as ‘true worship or glory’ though in practice there is very little difference to other types of the Catholic religion. The pillar of the Orthodox Catholic Church is the worship of the vessel and the holy tradition.

However, one clear distinction which can be drawn between the Orthodox Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church is the Orthodox Catholic Church does not consider the Pope to be the head of the church, rather it takes its teachings from scriptures rather than the bible. Though the Orthodox Catholic Church is present in many countries some of which are Greece, Poland, Russia, and Cyprus, there is no one unified head of the church. This is because each region is considered to be its own autonomous version of the religion, hence the Bulgarian name Orthodoxy of Bulgaria. Therefore, each country has its own Bishop who can be considered the leader in that respective country.

The Orthodox Catholic Church strongly believes in the Holy Trinity, and they consider that there is no crossover between them. They also make no clear distinction between God as a person and the way in which it reaches people. The Orthodox Catholic Church also strongly believes in baptism as a tool of salvation.