Religion in Bulgaria

Religion is a complex issue in many regions of the world. However, Bulgaria is one of the places which seems to have a great deal of religious stability, despite the fact that there are many different religions coexisting in this small Eastern European nation.

In these pages, we will look at the different religions which are present in Bulgaria. Te largest and thus most influential of these are orthodox and Sunni Islam. We will also highlight a brief history of the country and its geographical location to try and understand some of the reasons for this confluence of religious activity. For example its proximity to Turkey and the influence of the Ottoman Empire had a great effect on the religious makeup of Bulgaria.

In addition to looking at the two main religions in Bulgaria, Orthodoxy, and Islam in detail, we will look at the way that they are split between the different demographics in the country. For example what percentage of Turks are Orthodoxy and what percentage of them are Muslim.

We will also look at a brief history of some of the most important religious buildings in the country, most of which are churches and mosques due to the fact that Orthodoxy and Islam are the two largest religions here.

Finally, we will take a short look at the future of religion and the world. It is a complex matter that seems to follow few rules, though the overall trend is for a reduction in people who subscribe to religion.